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The Yemeni Scientists Research Group (YSRG) was established in 2014 with the aim of providing a platform for collaboration among Yemeni scientists to produce novel research in Science and Technology.

Vision: Toward an Effective Research Collaboration Among Yemeni Researchers and Scientists.

Mission: Working on improving the research skills of Yemeni researchers and enhance the culture of scientific research in Yemeni societies.


– To establish an effective collaboration network among Yemeni researchers who are working or studying in local and international universities.

– To enhance the research collaboration between Yemeni universities/research centers/similar units and international institutions.

– To improve the research skills of Yemeni researchers by conducting different research activities inside or outside Yemen.

– To help Yemeni research students by guiding them to get any available research and publication opportunities and mentoring them when possible.

This Research Group is established as an initiative to achieve the aforementioned RG vision, mission and objectives. That means the RG is not a society, union, association or other means that may represent the whole Yemeni academicians, scholars and/or scientists.

Several conferences were the fruits of this collaboration between the Research Group and the other international institutions.